Fiesta is located in the beautiful downtown area known as “Old Town” Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Our love for folk art is drawn to the uninhibited use of color, creativity and sense of humor unique to Mexico's artisans. Map Phone: (228) 255-5300.

The folk art is direct from Mexico from talented artists that carry on the centuries old traditional art of their heritage. In addition to hand made art we also carry a line of embroidered blouses, dresses and jewelry. Fiesta practices fair trade and carries some items that come from rural women’s cooperatives that greatly enhance the ability of these native women to care for their families.

  • Trees of Life – handmade intricate clay sculpture renderings of these beautiful symbols. Some feature the Garden of Eden, while others feature flora and fauna.

  • Day of the Dead – large selection of items celebrating this holiday. We always carry the “Catrinas” which are fanciful skeletons that were originated in the late 1800’s in Mexico. The original artist of the Catrin or Catrina (which means elegant) drew the fancy dressed skeletons to remind the rich people that they were just like the others, that they were human. Since then the Catrina has become the best known symbol for Day of the Dead. Our collection even includes handmade purses, bags and aprons and jewelry.

  • Embroidered Clothing - Blouses and dresses from various parts of Mexico. We carry adorable little girls dresses as well as a line of custom made vintage/Mexican tops that are handmade. The embroidered dresses are a wonderful way to feel and look cool during the Mississippi summers.

  • Jewelry – Sterling silver with a variety of gemstones, including turquoise and coral. We also have religious jewelry and artist made pendants and rings.

  • Huichol Indian Folk Art – People collect Huichol art for its color, beauty and rich tribal meaning. Each piece is handcrafted using traditional techniques that date back hundreds of years. We have fine examples of both yarn art and bead art.

  • Fair trade provides local artisans worldwide with an opportunity to earn vital income and improve their quality of life by establishing a sustainable market for their handcrafted products. Fair trade artisans receive fair compensation for their creations and the income from their work helps their families and communities to thrive and in some cases survive. We carry items from Africa, India, Haiti and Mexico and will continue to seek unique and beautiful works from other countries as well. Currently we are working with Mariposas from Mexico and have their colorful purses in stock.

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